1up Kids

2006 NPPL Champions

1up Kids, also known as one up kids, 1upkids, or 1up, was a paintball team based entirely out of arizona that took the paintball scene by storm in 2006 by winning the NPPL championship as true rookies. 1up Kids last event was NPPL D2 Tampa 2007 where the members went different ways: college full time, professional paintball, working full time. But the story of 1up Kids is not in their departure, it is in their rise. To understand how 1up began, it is important to understand a little Arizonan Young Guns history. In 2003-2004 there were two classes at tournaments in Arizona, open or young guns. Teams like "Adrenalin" would give any 3 man open team a challenge, consisting of future 1up kids Los, Chatter, Daniel. Travis E. and RR.com met in Tucson at one of the once popular Sudden Impact tournaments in Marana in the young guns division. Young guns was much more competitive in the early 2000's than in the current day, this cannot be argued. RR.com was on a young guns team of his creation, Shenanigans, based off of super troopers (A hilarious movie). Shenanigans had a decent amount of success, being a rival team to Adrenalin as well as winning a few tournaments and RR.com mowing Adrenalin by himself at Wild Planet. Chase H. left shenanigans for 23bps Xball d3 and RR.com was approaching the cut off age for young guns and had to make a decision, either to play 7 man or quit. The choice was clear for RR.com, who, with the help of Travis E. and Adrenalin, built a legitimate 7 man squad to compete in California in the rookie division at XPSL (The feeder series for NPPL). Early 1up kids members such as Pollak Josh, Asian Josh (note, we weren't racist, just needed an easy way to differentiate them on the field lol), and Collin helped build the initial spots on the team. As their commitment to the game relinquished, kids like Evan F. (rip), Ryan W., Augie, and Vese were more than eager to take their spots on the team. Even little Tromer joined the team prior to NPPL HB 06. The thing about 1up kids is that, we really were kids. Tromer was only 12 years old and went to the center 50 off the break under the lights. You have to really understand paintball at this time, this was probably the biggest the game/sport had ever reached. The roster never changed through our NPPL run and we won the D3 championship, beating out teams like Drama and Splat Kids. Even overhyped teams like Vegas Heat were no match for 1up, who we embarrassed in front of everyone at HB 06 after they won rookie at XPSL weeks prior and were hyped as they were going to mow us. 1up Kids made Sunday every event in 2006, probably the only team that could say that that year. So it's not like people liked us for no reason, people liked us because we were consistently making Sunday at national events when it mattered. 1up Kids played two more NPPL events after our win in 2006, both in D2. 1up Kids made Sunday at NPPL 07 HB D2, and did not make sunday for the first time at NPPL 07 Tampa D2. RR.com has a full time career now, Daniel is in China teaching english, Los is working in finance, Chatter just finished college, Ryan is still collecting kittens, and Augie is winning paintball tournaments (Scottsdale Elevation). Late in 2011 Evan F. passed away at only 21 years of age. He will always be remembered as a great kid. My prayers go out to his parents. 1up Kids will hopefully put the team back together at least for one national tournament in Evan's honor.

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